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Manhattan is the oldest and the most densely populated of the five boroughs of New York City. Located on an island, the boundaries are on the west side the Hudson River, on the east side the East River and in the north the Harlem River. The original city of New York began at the southern end of Manhattan, expanded northwards. Today Manhattan has many famous landmarks and tourist attractions. Below you can see some of my unique pics from the Big Apple - all taken in Sept 2010.

All pictures are in high resolution, made with Canon EOS 30D up to 8 megapixel. Format RAW, JPG or TIF. Available color space AdobeRGB, sRGB or CMYK

The resolution of the photos on this webside are reduced very strong.
Round about 500 photos from the New York are in stock, if you looking for something special, please don't feel hesitate and send me an email with your interest ...

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Foto 50A_3984 Foto 50A_3935 Foto 50A_3929 Foto 50A_3926 Foto 50A_3986

Foto 15A_4711 Foto 15A_4712 Foto 25E_3686 Foto 25F_3723 Foto 25A_41852

Foto 05A_4054 Foto 15E_3766 Foto 15E_38138 Foto 05C_3282 Foto 15B_3548


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