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At october 2013 on my 4.400 kilometer long journey through Namibia it was allowed to me to sample a marvellous time in this beautiful country. I was surrounded from kind people of different ethnic groups, inviolate nature, exotic animals, the oldest desert of the world - the Namib, the second biggest canyon of the world - the Fishriver Canyon and many sightseeings more.
During my tour I have visited Windhoek, Okahandja, Etosha National Park, Outjo, Khorixas, Damaraland, Erongo, Swakopmund, Walvis Bay, Namib Naukluft Park, Aus, Luederitz, Fishriver Canyon, Keetmanshoop and Kalahari Desert.

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The resolution of the photos on this webside are reduced very strong.
Round about 2.000 photos from Namibia are in stock, if you looking for something special, please don't feel hesitate and send me an email with your interest ...

Foto-Nr: 50_5049 - Sunrise near Sossusvlei


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