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M y a n m a r - land of golden pagoda.
In February 2015 I made a long roundtrip through the marvellous Myanmar. The most important sightseeing points during my journey which I visited are Yangon - Mawlamyine - Bilu Island - Kyaiktiyo - Lake Inle - Mandalay - Mingun - Amarapura - Inwa - Monywa - and Bagan.

All pictures are in high resolution, made with Canon EOS 5D Mark III up to 23 megapixel, format RAW, JPG or TIF. Available color space AdobeRGB, sRGB or CMYK

The resolution of the photos on this webside are reduced very strong.
Round about 1.000 photos from Myanmar in stock, if you looking for something special, please don't feel hesitate and send me an email with your interest ...

12w_1425 - balloons near Htilominlo temple at Bagan


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Foto 11u_1169 Foto 03t_8840 Foto 05k_9175 Foto 11v_1830 Foto 12a_1417

  Panorama 02a_1993  


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