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"Vedi Venice e poi morire"
See Venice and die off after - so an old quotation says. In the past Venice was a rich trading town for the venetian merchants. During the 18th century Venice was the playground for a young man called Giacomo Casanova. He was the most famous amorist of the world. The special charme of Venice is never gone, till today Venice is the most romantic place on earth. Maybe some of my photos can show you the fascination of this marvellous place...

All pictures are in high resolution, made with Canon EOS 5D Mark III up to 23 megapixel, format RAW, JPG or TIF. Available color space AdobeRGB, sRGB or CMYK

The resolution of the photos on this webside are reduced very strong.
Round about 200 photos from Venice are in stock, if you looking for something special, please don't feel hesitate and send me an email with your interest ...

Foto-Nr: 30_5861 - Carneval Venice


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Foto 30_5858 Foto 30_5413 Foto 30_5420 Foto 30_5417 Foto 30_5876

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Foto 18i_6398 Foto 18b_0609 Foto 18a_0624 Foto 18a_0634 Foto 18a_0639

Foto 18a_0532 Foto 18a_1136 Foto 18a_1122 Foto 18a_6546 Foto 18a_6574

Foto 18b_6541 Foto 18c_1010 Foto 18d_6012 Foto 18d_1026 Foto 18d_6555

Foto 50H_6330 Foto 50H_6223 Foto 18b_6212 Foto 50H_6331 Foto 50H_6326

Foto 22g_6863 Foto 22_6514 Foto 22b_6416 Foto 22f_6302 Foto 22a_0645

Foto 31a_6319 Foto 22e_0706 Foto 16a_6430 Foto 16c_6443 Foto 22e_0703

Foto 16z_0725 Foto 16c_6086 Foto 16c_6099 Foto 16b_6072 Foto 16b_0767

Foto 18v_1149 Foto 14b_7431 Foto 18k_6498 Foto 14a_0516 Foto 18z_0678

Foto 14b_0891 Foto 14b_0890 Foto 12a_0835 Foto 10z_0844 Foto 10b_6781

Foto 10e_6701 Foto 10d_6793 Foto 10f_6830 Foto 10f_6836 Foto 10e_6795

Foto 20z_0888 Foto 14z_0900 Foto 12d_6604 Foto 18k_6368 Foto 18z_6583

Foto 60c_6690 Foto 60b_6664 Foto 60b_6723 Foto 60c_6720 Foto 60c_6719

Panorama 18a_1073

Panorama 18a_0916

Panorama 27_0969


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