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an island constisting of volcanos, glaciers and waterfalls.
Iceland founded on 17.6.1944, is the biggest vulcanic island of the world and it's filled up with pure nature.
In 2019 are more than 30 active volcanos established. The number of waterfalls in this marvellous country is not countable. The Vatnajökull glacier is the biggest in Europe; round about 150 km from west to east and 100 km from north to south. So it is the biggest glacier outsite from the Antarktis and Polarregion.
Central across Iceland is the great rift valley with the continental plates between America and Eurasia. The Thingvellir National Park is a very historical place and one of the oldest parlaments in the world.
The national road 1 builds a 2.700 km circle around the whole island. So it is easy going to visit Iceland. Only for the F-Roads into the Highlands a 4x4 car is required.

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12n_9791 - Solfar - the Sun Voyager Reykjavik


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