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Mykonos - Paros - Santorin - Antiparos - Koufonissi - Folegandros - Delos
Cyclades international Airports are Mykonos and Santorini.
Transfer from Athene is possible too, but more stressfull.
Island hopping with ferryboat is possible without problems.
Transfer times to PAROS with the ferryboats are:
from Santorini 4 hours with Blue Star Ferry ( carferry )
from Mykonos 1 hour with Seajet speedboat
from Athene are speedboat + carferry available

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Foto-Nr: 30L_3660 - Church in Oia / Santorin


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Foto 30a_3675 Foto 30a_3681 Foto 30h_4410 Foto 30i_4108 Foto 30m_4432

Foto 30d_3622 Foto 30L_3425 Foto 30L_4037 Foto 30L_3947 Foto 30L_4444

Foto 30j_4007 Foto 30k_3734 Foto 30k_3735 Foto 30k_3724 Foto 30p_3745

Foto 31c_4296 Foto 31c_4232 Foto 31c_4217 Foto 31c_4229 Foto 31b_4153

Foto 30h_0048 Pano Oia Santorin

Foto 42_0605 Foto 42_0661 Foto 42_0678 Foto 42_0699 Foto 42_0625

  Foto 42_0599 Pano Koufonissi Island Foto 42_0643 Pano Koufonissi Island  

Foto 20u_2671 Foto 20g_4350 Foto 20h_2293 Foto 20g_2483 Foto 20a_2781

Foto 20c_3008 Foto 20c_3011 Foto 20c_4858 Foto 20a_2851 Foto 20c_2854

Foto 20u_2665 Foto 20a_2473 Foto 20r_2658 Foto 20d_2510 Foto 20m_2357

Foto 20h_0814 Foto 20v_2274 Foto 20a_3089 Foto 90m_2269 Foto 20h_2724

Foto 25b_2580 Foto 25c_2624 Foto 25a_2558 Foto 25a_2642 Foto 25b_2575

Foto 20g_2687 Pano Paros Kolombithres Beach Foto 20h_4827 Pano Paros Monastiri Beach

Foto 10a_4961 Foto 10a_0958 Foto 10a_5009 Foto 10a_2215 Foto 10a_2163

Foto 10a_0990 Foto 10a_2201 Foto 10a_2177 Foto 10a_2245 Foto 10a_1141

Foto 15_1200 Foto 15_1189 Foto 15_1186 Foto 15_1176 Foto 15_1170

Foto 35a_3137 Foto 35b_3370 Foto 35c_3263 Foto 35d_3386 Foto 35a_3248

    Hotel Recommandation
If you intend to stay on Paros island,
I can recommend the Hotel Manos in Naoussa.
For more information please follow this Link


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