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"Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall"
on June 12, 1987 US President Ronald Reagan spoke this sentence to the people of West Berlin at the base of the Brandenburg Gate, near the Berlin wall. Two years later on November 9, 1989 the wall were destroyed. Thenforth the east and the west part of Berlin grow together into a pulsated metropolis. Today Berlin has many architectural and cultural highlights. Below you can see some of my unique pics from the german capital - most of them taken in 2010 + 2011.

All pictures are in high resolution up to 4.096 x 2.731 pixel.
Format RAW, JPG or TIF - depends on what you need.
I work with Adobe Photoshop - so different formats are available.
Available color space AdobeRGB, sRGB or CMYK

Round about 500 Berlin photos are in stock, if you looking for something special, please don't feel hesitate and send me an email with your interest ...
Some older photos in stock, too. My Berlin collection starts at year 2000.

32A_5820 Eastside Gallery


Foto 11B_6171 Potsdamer Platz mit Holocaust Denkmal Foto 11A_6165 Brandenburg Gate Foto 20A_5557 Skyline Potsdamer Platz

10Z_6110 Der Mauergaenger 11A_6162 Brandenburger Tor 11A_6155 Brandenburger Tor 11A_6122 Brandenburger Tor

13_6039 Gendarmenmarkt 13_6044 Gendarmenmarkt 13_6045 Gendarmenmarkt 17A_5961 Synagoge

12B_5499 Historisches Musem 12B_5886 Zeughaus 12E_5943 Humboldt Universitaet 12F_5949 Neue Wache

14A_5648 Fernsehturm Alex 14D_5646 Rotes Rathaus 14D_5655 Rotes Rathaus 14E_5880 Marx& Engels

19B_5471 Friedrichstr Lafayette 19B_6746 Lafayette innen 19B_6750 Lafayette innen 19C_6761 Friedrichstr Q206

20A_5664 Potsdamer Platz 20A_6023 Potsdamer Platz 20B_6021 Sony Center 10Z_6202 Tempodrom

20B_5940 Sony Center 20B_5727 Potsdamer Platz 20B_5728 Sony Center 20B_5939 Sony Center

20C_6205 Mendessohn Bartholdy Park 20C_6207 Mendessohn Bartholdy Park 20C_6214 Mendessohn Bartholdy Park 20B_5974 CDU Building

11B_5627 Holocaust Denkmal 11B_5643 Stelengraeber 11Z_5912 DZ Bank 12C 5633 Hedwigs Kirche-Bebel Platz

30C_5405 Tauenzienstrasse 50A_5384 Gedaechniskirche 29E_5615 Haus der Kulturen 29A_6091 deutscher Bundestag

50B_5641 Berliner Dom 40B_5691 Treptow Park 40A_5682 sowjetisches Ehrenmal 29G_6086 Strasse 17. Juni

19E_6071 Checkpoint Charlie 19E_6072 Checkpoint Charlier 29F_5540 Siegessaeule 29F_5535 Siegessaeule

32A_5847 32A_6030 Eastside Gallery 32A_6033 Berlin Wall 32A_5851

32A_5808 Eastside Gallery - The Wall 98_2183 Buddy Bear Parade 2001 32A_5825 Eastside Gallery - The Wall


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