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The Canary Islands are political belongs to Spain, geographical they are located near by North Africa. Fuerteventura is the oldest of the Canary Islands. The island was formed by volcanic eruptions. With a length of 98km and a breadth of 28 Km Fuerteventura is the second biggest island of the Canaries. The capitel city is Puerto del Rosario located at the east coast.
In different to the other canary islands, Fuerteventura is more a flat island. Pico de la Zarza is the highest mountain with a high of 807m, which is located in the southwest on the halfisland of Jandia. The Parque Natural de Corralejo in the northeast is a unique area builded of wandering dunes. Further at the eastcoast you will find some fantastic sand beaches with very clear seawater. The best are at Corralejo, Costa Calma and Morre Jable.
The landscape in the highlands is almost orange colored, because the earth on this island is a mixture from volcanic stones and shell sand.

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Foto-Nr: 29a_3574 - View from Mirador de Fenduca


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Foto 16b_P3283 - Montana Tindaya (399m) - the holy one

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Foto 35b_P3624 - south-western coast at Ajuy


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