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N e p a l - the roof of the world
In March 2004 I made my first rip to Nepal. During this time I made the big Annapurna circle as a trekking tour. Now in April 2018 I returned back to Nepal again. I visited the capital Kathmandu and made a small roundtrip to Pokhara and the Poon Hill area. After all this time I can say all the marvellous things, the adventure and spirit is still the same. Actual there are some buildings damaged after the big earthquake in 2015, but the work is running for a reconstruction.
The most important sightseeing points during my 2018 journey which I visited are Kathmandu - Durbar Square - Bodnath Stupa - Swayambunath Stupa - Pashupatinath Temple - Patan - Bhaktapur - Pokhara and the Poon Hill Trekking Tour.

All pictures are in high resolution, made with Canon EOS 5D Mark III up to 23 megapixel, format RAW, JPG or TIF. Available color space AdobeRGB, sRGB or CMYK

The resolution of the photos on this webside are reduced very strong.
Round about 1.000 photos from Nepal in stock, if you looking for something special, please don't hesitate and send me an email with your interest ...

22b_7751 - Bodnath Stupa Kathmandu


  Foto 22x_7870 - Panorama Bodnath Stupa  

Foto 22c_7630 Foto 22b_7755 Foto 22b_7810 Foto 22b_7752 Foto 22b_7820

Foto 20c_9238 Foto 20d_9264 Foto 20e_9332 Foto 20d_9318 Foto 20k_9287

Foto 12a_9184 Foto 12b_9133 Foto 12b_9136 Foto 12h_7448 Foto 12e_7487

Foto 12m_7591 Foto 12p_7586 Foto 12y_9150 Foto 12y_9150 Foto 12n_7407

Foto 13a_7572 Foto 13c_7562 Foto 18a_9229 Foto 13f_7528 Foto 18d_8034

Foto 23e_9542 Foto 23e_9544 Foto 23e_7930 Foto 23c_7937 Foto 23c_7914

Foto 25c_9475 Foto 25c_9495 Foto 25g_9445 Foto 25h_9615 Foto 25c_9453

Foto 25s_9422 Foto 25s_7972 Foto 25s_7953 Foto 25s_9417 Foto 25s_9411

Foto 30b_8730 Foto 30a_8726 Foto 30g_8743 Foto 30p_8708 Foto 30i_8755

Foto 30b_8730 Foto 30a_8726 Foto 30g_8743 Foto 30p_8708 Foto 30i_8755

Foto 36d_9015 Foto 30s_8897 Foto 36f_9036 Foto 30s_8724 Foto 36g_9087

Foto p30_8813 Foto p12_9176 Foto p25_9554 Foto p36_9004 Foto p36_9009

Foto 40a_8548 Foto 40a_8556 Foto 40c_8572 Foto 40a_8068 Foto 40a_8060

Foto 62f_8243 Foto 63c_8327 Foto 63c_8341 Foto 63c_8323 Foto 62f_8242

Foto 63x_8370 Foto 64h_8467 Foto 64b_8458 Foto 64m_8483 Foto 64p_8498

Foto 64e_8442 Foto 63a_8307 Foto 64d_8438 Foto 63b_8354 Foto 64b_8426

Foto 64b_8442 - Panorama Daulaghiri Mountain with Churen Himal (left) and Tukuche (right)

Foto 64b_8432 - Panorama Poon Hill Trek - Deulari Pass

    Nepal Trekking Recommandation
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