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Orang Utan - Dragons - Volcanos & Temple
After two years of covid-19 regulations now in 2023 it was possible to make the marvellous journey successfull. On Borneo Island / Kalimatan I watched the Orang Utan in their wet rainforest. In central Java, near Yogyakatra, the old historic temple Borobudur and Prambanan are located. From Jogia the train transported us to the east section of Java, where the unique Mount Bromo volcano landscape is available. A short 90 minutes flight from Surabaya to Flores took me in the near of the famous, big Kommodo lizards on Rinca and Kommodo Island. Last station of these tour was Bali Island with the Tegalalang ricefields and other beautiful temple.
I have to say "Thank You" to the german travel agency DIAMIR for their kind support.
For europeans the best traveltime is July. humididy is lower and temperatures a little bit cooler.

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01p_3488 - first view to a wildlife Orang Utan


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