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Z a n z i b a r    -    t h e    s p i c e    i s l a n d
Zanzibar - in the past the African Island was well know as a big place for slave trade. Today it's a multicultural island with people from differnt countries. The treasuries of the island are the uncountable spice gardens.
Often times a vacation on Zanzibar will be offered together with a safari in Tansania. The purpose is a short time for relaxing after a struggle safari tour. I can't recommend this trip - for me it's a lost time. In Stonetown are no important places which you could visit. The rest oft he island is very poor. The island offers some good hotels, but around this hotels you will find no cultural environment.
So at least it would be better to spend some days more during the safari tour.
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75w_8588 - sunset at Michamvi Bay


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