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When people think about Africa, the most of them have wild animals like elephants, lions, giraffes etc in their imagination. In Ethiopia it is different. Ethiopia has nearly no wild animals like this. Instead of this, in Ethiopia living a lot of humans in their old traditional culture.
For some hundrets of years different tribes are living quit simple in their traditional villages, builded in strawhuts. Today we know about 16 different tribes. Each tribe has different small villages in an own Omo valley area. A couple of some straw huts with a nature fence around build one village for some families. The Omo valley is well known for this. This landscape is located near to the border of Sudan and Kenia in southwest of Ethiopia.
On my journey in february 2024 I have visited nine different tribes:
Arbore - Ari - Borana - Dorze - Hamar - Karo - Konso - Mursi - Nyangatom

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07z_3954 - Sunrise at Omo valley


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