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Egypt is a country in the north-east part of Africa with round about 100 million residents. Egypt is famous for their old high culture long before christ. Most of the famous temples along the Nil river are builded during the new egyptian empire. This empire is also known as the 18 - 20 dynasty, which means 1.550 - 1.070 years before christ (so age today are 3.000 - 3.500 years!).
Along the Red Sea you can find much modern and luxary holiday resorts for a perfect vacation. The Red Sea with its clear and warm water is a paradise for diving and snorkeling.
After the revolution in 2011 today Egypt is a very save vacation area with friendly and kind people. There are no more problems to visit a city along the Red Sea or the Nil river.

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35d_0000 - young Bedoin woman with burka


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